Carrot Nantes seeds

Carrot Nantes seeds

Weight: 3 g when packed
Unbranded seeds purchased from local retailer
The seeds conform to the minimum standards under the Indian seeds act 1966

Physical purity (Min) 98 percent
Genetic purity, (Min) 98 percent
Germination (Min) 70 percent

Sow seeds in seed pans, boxes or in seed beds. Protect from ants, birds, heavy watering and sun

Sow the seeds in sandy loam soil enriched with yard manure and compost, Thin out crowded seedlings when they are 3 cm high.
Transplant when 7 to 8 cm to beds or pots
Water immediately
Use appropriate pesticides when needed by consulting experts

Cheapest seeds in market

From packaging for reference only ,reposted free of cost

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