Availability and cost of chikoo seeds for consumers

The price and availability of chikoo seeds depends to a large extent on the place where the person is living. In Goa the price of chikoo fruit is usually Rs 80 per kg, so for Rs 50 a person will get approximately 5-8 chikoos
There are other chikoo sellers, the smaller sellers who sell 8 chikoos for Rs 50
Cost per chikoo Rs 6.25 minium
The number of seeds per chikoo will vary from 1 to 5 depending on the type of fruit
Each chikoo seed is weighing 0.6 to .9 grams, based on data collected
So in Goa,the cost of getting a chikoo seed is Rs 1 or more

In Mumbai, the cost of chikoos is Rs 10 for 8 chikoos cheapest, cost per chikoo is Rs 1.25
So the cost of a chikoo seed in Mumbai will be much lower