Panaji market seed seller moves to smaller store

In Panaji, it appears that there is very less demand for vegetable and other seeds, gardening supplies and young people are busy with other activities
In 2017, the seed seller in Panaji market had an independent shop with a shutter
However in 2018, the store is now selling food products, and the seed seller has moved to a smaller space, he is sitting on a stool in the alley . He may have sold or rented out the larger shop
However he has a greater variety of seeds available now, 16 different varieties were available in May 2018
The goan media is always covering the news of how goa is importing vegetable from other states, however nothing is being done to encourage people to grow vegetables in their kitchen garden.
Another store in Panaji, near Hotel Mandovi, which was selling seeds in 2015, appears to have stopped selling the seeds in 2018, and are only selling flowers