In posh area of panaji, goa people are criminally trespassing only to rob white flower ternatea pea seeds

Seeds of white ternatea pea being stolen repeatedly from terrace of domain investors house in posh area of panaji
Usually white ternatea peas are forming a lot of seeds, the domain investor has plenty of seeds from 2018 and earlier . Yet indicating google,tata’s harassment to cover up their COMPUTER WORK, BANKING FRAUD since 2010 , someone is criminally trespassing on the terrace of her house in panaji, goa and ROBBING all her seeds, after she listed the seeds for sale on Amnazon
Indicating that the CRIMINAL TRESPASSING and seed robbery was intentional, someone from sanquelim, goa placed an order for the seeds which are being ROBBED regularly, so that the domain investor does not find any seeds when she is visiting the area periodically.
There are plenty of flowers which are visible on the plants, yet there are no seeds
The house is in one of the poshest areas in panaji, yet indicating the mindset of the people living in the area, criminal trespassing to rob seeds is taking place daily.