Monthly Archives: August 2022

I Had a Bad Bird Problem

I used to love bird watching when I lived in the country. That sort of changed when I moved to the city though, because I found out just how messy they can be. In the country, the evidence they leave behind is pretty well hidden for the most part. In the city though, it is quite evident where they leave their droppings, which is all over the place, including the front of the warehouse I had bought. I knew that I needed a company that does”>bird control in New Jersey because I didn’t want the bothersome creatures dirtying up everything.

Just because I didn’t want their waste everywhere didn’t mean I wished them ill will. I just did not want them taking up residence anywhere close to where I was, since they couldn’t fly over the field to relieve themselves. Instead, they did it right on the driveway, parking lot and sidewalks of my warehouse. I was able to find a company that does humane bird control, which is exactly what I wanted. This company has several different methods that will make the birds choose another place to call their home.

They set up spikes and nets along the roof, which deters birds from landing there in the first place. They also sprayed all of the affected areas because of the many diseases that birds carry. I was not even considering that part of the problem, so I was glad that they were spraying and cleaning as well. I have not had any problems with birds on my roof or nearby areas since they installed the spikes and nets, so it was definitely a solution that works well. It is also humane as no birds were killed at all. I would not have been able to use a company that deals with them in that way!