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Ajinkya Radish Seeds specifications

Specifications for Radish- Early menu
Suitable for growth in Maharashtra, MP, Karnataka, Gujarat, UP under normal climatic conditions
Weight: 5 grams
Price: Rs 15

Physical purity (Min) 98 percent
Genetic purity, (Min) 98 percent
Germination (Min) 70 percent

Chemical used Thiram poisonous, should not be useed for food, feed and oil purposes

Germination information valid only if seeds are stored in dry and cool place. The seeds conform to the minimum standards under the Indian seeds act 1966

Produced and marketed by Ajinkya Seeds Pvt. Ltd.,Pune

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Seed prices vary significantly depending on the seller

It is observed that the prices of vegetable and other seeds available in the indian market vary to a very great extent depending on the place where they are being sold.
Many of the branded seed sellers in India are charging a very high price for the seeds that they are selling, the minimum price for a packet of seeds is Rs 20 to Rs 25. Online the prices of seeds being sold is fairly high.
However there are local retailers who are selling the seeds fairly cheaply at prices starting from Rs 10. However these seeds are unbranded and there is no guarantee that the seeds will germinate.

Blue butterfly, clitoria ternatea pea seeds

It is sometimes frustrating to purchase seeds, spend a lot of time sewing them, only to find that the seeds do not germinate
One of the easiest to grow seeds are the Blue butterfly, clitoria ternatea pea seeds , These seeds are available online at various websites, and their price also varies. There are many non US sellers at, , however most indian sellers are not selling internationally.
There are three main types of butterfly pea seeds available
– Blue flowers
– White flowers
– Double layer blue flowers

The white and blue flowers are easier to find, however double layer blue flower seeds are not easily available, and are also more expensive.