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Google,tata employees and their associates was killing almost all seedlings

After the burglary at the house of the google competitor, domain investor, engineer in february 2018,it was confirmed that duplicate keys were being used to criminally trespass the house of the engineer. It appears that Google,tata supplied goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan was also killing almost all seedlings, to ensure that the google competitor had no source of income other than the meager online income, which the google, tata employees could easily limit.

Realizing that the fraud brahmin ntro employees and the indian, goan government are not likely to end their fraud of falsely claiming that Google,tata supplied goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan , 2013 bsc offering sex services to government employees is an online expert, domain investor (owning this website also), so that the real domain investor is denied the income and opportunities she deserved, the google competitor has been diversifying into plants, collecting/purchasing plants and growing seeds from various sources.

However the top goan officials enjoying the sex services of Google,tata supplied goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan are doing everything possible to ensured that the google competitor, domain investor and engineer only works online, so that fraud of the lazy greedy goan sex worker and other google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/cbi employees is not exposed. So every plant, seeds that the engineer gets is damaged at the first opportunity.

The google competitor , domain investor had purchased some seeds from a local store and some of the seeds were growing before disappearing. When she went to the same store again in 2017, the employee who was most likely microchipped by sunaina, siddhi was asking are any of these plants growing, because it appears that these raw employees were trespassing in the house and killing the seedlings. Many of the marigold seedlings had disappeared.

Families keeping their front yard clean are throwing away valuable seeds

The indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely intolerant, and are quick to defame, harass, cheat and exploit citizens who do not keep the front yard of their house immaculately clean. However they fail to realize that india is a democracy, and a person with limited resources, has the right to make the most of whatever little he or she has
While keeping the front yard immaculately clean may be socially appropriate, one of the main disadvantages is that all the seeds which are deposited by the birds, animals and from other sources will also be thrown out.
In May 2018, panaji experienced some showers, and now some of the seeds in the front yard are germinating
It is a major challenge for a person with no professional training and experience, identifying the seedlings which are now growing, and separately the flower, fruit and useful plants from the weeds and other plants.
Though there are some sources of seeds, ensuring that they germinate remains a major challenge for the amateur gardener.

We Have Arrived in New Mexico

It has been a few days since we got here, but we are getting settled in. I flew out here a couple of times and went around looking at places for us to stay. I found this place out in the country. I expected it to be really hot out here, but this city is place is about a mile high in altitude. So far the weather is much like it is at home. Our place is out in the country and I found a place on the web, and they are in the process of installing a pretty good security system. I really was not happy with the monthly fee to monitor the system, but that is what makes the thing work really. It is a good quarter of a mile to the next neighbor and they would never hear the alarm going off. Continue reading →

Panaji market seed seller moves to smaller store

In Panaji, it appears that there is very less demand for vegetable and other seeds, gardening supplies and young people are busy with other activities
In 2017, the seed seller in Panaji market had an independent shop with a shutter
However in 2018, the store is now selling food products, and the seed seller has moved to a smaller space, he is sitting on a stool in the alley . He may have sold or rented out the larger shop
However he has a greater variety of seeds available now, 16 different varieties were available in May 2018
The goan media is always covering the news of how goa is importing vegetable from other states, however nothing is being done to encourage people to grow vegetables in their kitchen garden.
Another store in Panaji, near Hotel Mandovi, which was selling seeds in 2015, appears to have stopped selling the seeds in 2018, and are only selling flowers