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Papaya seeds should not be thrown away, the plants are easy to grow

There are many plants which do not grow well from seeds, despite watering them daily. So those who want to grow plants easily should not throw the seeds from the papayas they eat, they can use papaya seeds for growing plants

In July 2020, in addition to cutting the plants in the compound of the domain investor, the star gooseberry tree in the vicinity was also chopped down. The domain investor had tried growing plants in the area for many years, sowing the seeds, yet no plants were growing despite her best effort
After the trees were removed in August 2020, the domain investor dumped some papaya and other seeds which she had.
It appears that star gooseberry leaves and fruits make the soil acidic and no plants grow
Since there are no star gooseberry fruits falling in the compound after many years, the soil is suitable for growing many plants. The papaya plants are growing very well using the underground water table.