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No marigold seeds are growing into plants

The domain investor had purchased a large number of marigold seeds from Nurserylive in the last one year.
She has tried very hard to make the marigold plants grow
However, despite her best efforts using a large number of pots with different soils, she is not able to make a single plant grow
Even last year, plenty of marigold plants were growing in the wild, now no plants are growing

Falling coconut damaging red car of school dropout cbi employee naina’s arrogant bearded son nikhil

A coconut is a type of seed, and will grow into a plant

With powerful officials like parmar, puneet, parekh, nikhil, fraud companies like google, tata, supporting, protecting, rewarding, his school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina who looks like actress sneha wagh, his lazy greedy sons bearded nikhil, karan, the chainsmoking balding bespectacled husband of naina has become extremely arrogant.

Though they have plenty of space in front of their house, their frontyard, they do not park their multiple cars in their frontyard, they park it in front of other people’s house , sometimes blocking access to to the house for the homeowner. If the home owner will hit the car, blocking access while entering or exiting the house, naina’s husband will call goa police and ask the home owner to pay damages for repairing the car, though the damage is not even visible.

In particular, naina’s husband becomes extremely hysterical when the red Vitara brezza L2233 is even slightly touched by the gate they are blocking, and expects the home owner to waste time, waiting to meet the police who he has called. the google, tata sponsored kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina who looks like actress sneha wagh and her family of frauds like nikhil, karan, husband forgets that one day, karma will catch up with them for their endless real estate, banking, online fraud, especially on the domain investor, whose identity naina has stolen to get a monthly cbi salary.

On 15 February 2019, a coconut from a coconut tree in the vicinity fell on the bonnet of the red Vitara brezza L2233, which is driven by the rash arrogant bearded young greedy gujju fraudster nikhil, while it was parked. The coconut must have fallen from a height of at least 5 meters, so the dent it caused on the bonnet of the car, was visible from a distance. After some time, the tree owner emerged from his house and collected the tree

The damage caused to the car by the falling coconut was far more than a gate, news of the police complaint filed naina’s husband with goa police against the coconut tree for damaging the car will be widely covered

Very few seedlings are surviving with seeds purchased from different sources.

Instead of focusing on plants which are expensive, the domain investor is growing mainly seeds, however most of the seedlings are dying within a few days
The domain investor is growing many seeds almost daily, some seeds are germinating, however almost no seedlings are surviving.
Balsam seeds are usually very tough, a wild plant the domain investor got has got many seeds and seedlings
However for the seeds purchased online and from a local store, only a few plants are surviving though 30-40 seeds were planted.
Similarly marigold seedlings are also not surviving, though in wild many marigold plants are growing
Only a few beans and ladysfinger plants are growing, so at present, the focus is on growing beans and ladysfinger.
At present the focus is on finding out which seeds will survive in the most hostile conditions

Pea plants not growing in goa

It appears that the weather in goa, is not suitable for growing pea plants
The pea seeds are germinating and are growing for a few centimeters
Then these seedlings are shrivelling and dying.
A large number of seeds were used, yet the result was the same.

It appears that the temperature in goa is too high for the pea plants

Any tips for making the pea seeds grow fast will be greatly appreciated.

Very few seeds are growing into mature plants

A lot of money is wasted on seeds since the survival rate of the seeds and seedlings is very low
There is a huge list of pests who are eating the seeds and seedlings, and most of the seed sellers are not providing any help in dealing with these pests
Some of the pests who are eating seeds and seedlings in goa are
– rats
– mice
– squirrel
– sparrows
– pigeons
– crows
– round snails
– spiral snails

In case of snails, it is very difficult to detect the snails since there are very small, yet can cause great damage

It appears that R&AW employee call girl sunaina has added some herbicide to prevent growth of seedlings

Usually most seeds will germinate well, and the seedlings will grow if they are watered regularly . To prevent the seeds from being eaten by birds and squirrels the google competitor, domain investor is planting them indoors and has a row of recycled containers on her window sill, where she is growing the seeds
till the september 30, 2018, burglary of the house of the domain investor, these seedlings were growing fairly well
However after the burglary, there are almost no seedlings growing
So it appears that after the burglary in panaji, goa the google, tata sponsored goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, and her associates have added some herbicide to the pots to prevent growth of seedlings

They do not want the domain investor to spend her time and money on outdoor, offline activities, they want the domain investor to spend all her time, money and energy on online work, so that the goan sex queen can get credit , powers, salary without doing any work, without spending any money, without taking any risk while the domain investor is viciously defamed, cheated and exploited as lazy and mentally unsound despite working like a slave

Earlier also when the domain investor tried to purchase some seeds, the associate of the goan sex queen sunaina commented, do these seeds actually grow, indicating that everything was being monitored and sabotaged, so that the domain investor only works online.

Seeds germinate, however seedling survival rate remains low

Many of the seeds purchased offline are germinating, however the survival rate for most of the seedlings is very low
Earlier the seeds were grown in pots in the terrace, however no seedling was growing at all, because the birds were eating all the seeds .
So for a change the pots with seeds were kept indoors and after the seedlings grew they were kept outdoors on the terrace
For example more than 100 seeds were planted, however after the seedlings grow, it appears that squirrels, birds are extremely aggressive in eating the seedlings.
It appears that the birds have a photographic memory, remember the condition of the pots and eating up almost everything
New places have to be found to grow the plants, so that they are not attacked

Pests aggressively attack corn seeds and plants in panaji, goa

When pests like crows, sparrows, pigeons, squirrels realize that seeds are being sown on the terrace garden in panaji, goa , they are eating almost all the seeds and no seeds are germinating.
The problem is particularly severe for corn seeds. Initially the domain investor had planted corn seeds repeatedly , however they disappeared without any trace at all.
So the domain investor decided to grow the corn seeds in a plastic container kept inside the house.
The corn seeds germinated, and were then transplanted to a terrace garden.
However the next day, the corn seedlings were damaged, the roots with the corn seed had disappeared
So the next time, the seeds were grown in a plastic bottle, and the domain investor waited till the corn plant was fairly large before moving it to the terrace
She also covered the roots of the plant with cocopeat.
All this did not help, the next day, the corn plants were selectively targetted by the pests in panaji, goa, again the root portion was selectively chopped off, another plant in the same pot survived the attack

Pests eat almost all seeds sown in terrace garden in panaji, goa

When pests like crows, sparrows, pigeons, squirrels realize that seeds of vegetables are being sown on the terrace garden , they are eating almost all the seeds and no seeds are germinating.
The first time, the seeds are sowed, these pests do not detect their presence, however the next time they are very quick in eating all the seeds.

The gardener will initially think that there is problem with the seeds, because almost no seeds are germinating and money spent on purchasing the seeds is wasted.
However if the seeds are sowed indoors where these outdoor pests cannot reach them, these seeds will germinate and grow into plants.

Due to lack of sunlight, the plants have a very long stalk, and are lacking in chlorophyll
However instead of having all seeds eaten by the pests, growing the plants indoors initially is a better option

School dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, leaves half eaten mango seed in google competitors house

Instead of improving panaji city, so that it ranks well in the ease of living index, instead of 90th at present the school dropout, call girl, fraud pampering security and intelligence agency employees in panaji, goa are wasting their time and energy in defaming, cheating, exploiting and harassing the google competitor, engineer, whose identity they have stolen to get raw/cbi jobs for google, tata sponsored goan call girls, cheater housewives, school dropouts and other frauds .

For example on 16 August 2018, the security and intelligence agency employees in panaji, goa, freelancing for google, tata and their associate the google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who looks like actress sneha wagh, left a half eaten mango seed on the wall of the house of the domain investor, google competitor, engineer. Most mangoes have a seed in the middle, and the top and bottom of the mango is fleshy, so slices are made and eaten. The seed portion of the mango has only a small amount of flesh, and it has a thin layer of skin covering it. The skin was removed from the mango seed, and only a small amount of flesh was eaten, the rest was left. The mango seed was not placed on the wall, when the google competitor had checked the house on 15 August 2018, independence day. The mango was a totapuri mango, which was quite expensive, and a waste of money

This clearly indicates the mindset of the employees of the sundar pichai led google, tata, that they are stooping to this level and leaving half eaten mango seeds on the walls of the google competitor. These fraud government officials think that the engineer will be affected by their activities, however for her it is only a source of extremely unique content for the large number of websites, which have to be updated regularly. They fail to realize that all these stories are not reflecting well on the government officials in panaji, it will rank even worse

The goan government and cbi employees have developed an innovation in organized stalking leaving half eaten mango seeds in the house of the google competitor