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Plant Seeds Live specifications

Plant Seeds Live specifications
Most seeds from Plant Seeds live are priced at Rs 105 and have the following specifications
Genetic purity, (Min) 98 percent
Physical purity (Min) 98 percent
Germination (Min) 70 percent
Valid for up to 9 months from the date of test
Chemical used : Thiram/Captan

Germination information valid only if seeds are stored at 18 deg C and 50 percent relative humidity. The seeds conform to the minimum standards under the seeds act 1966

Produced and packed by New Rama Seed Corporati

From packaging for reference only ,reposted free of cost

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Pest control to prevent wastage of expensive seeds

Many of the seeds available are fairly expensive, yet all the seeds may be wasted if there are rats,squirrels, mice and birds in the area.
The squirrels and birds are likely to create a problem if the seeds are planted in a terrace garden or in the open
Rats and mice are more likely to create a problem for seeds sown in the ground or mud, however there are some mice and rats which climb the terrace and eat the seeds and seedlings
So it is advisable to grow the seeds in an area which is well protected from all the pests.
However the roots are often getting damaged during transplantation, so many prefer to grow the seeds in the area where they want the plant to grow.

Inexpensive seeds available

For gardening, crafting enthusiasts, researchers, a number of seeds are available at a low cost including
– chikoo seeds
– mango seeds
– custard apple
– water melon
– brinjal
– cucumber
– brown beans
– chilli seeds
– tomato
– phyllanthus amaranthus
– lemon seeds
– dolichos beans
– other bean varieties

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