After seed robbery was exposed online, it stopped

After the seed robbery of white ternatea peas from the terrace was exposed on the websites in the network, the robbery of the seeds has stopped
The domain investor was able to collect a large number of seeds after cancelling the amazon listing for the seeds.
This indicates that the blog posts, amazon listing are closely monitored by the seed robbers and their associates
So if anyone wants white ternatea seeds they can contact.

Even wheat stolen from locked house in posh area of panaji, goa

Indicating the high crime rate in one of the poshest areas of panaji, even wheat is stolen from a locked house. The wheat was kept near the terrace door in a plastic bag, and the domain investor wanted it for checking the soil, since wheat is growing fast. However the criminal trespassing in the area is so high, that even the 500 grams of wheat kept on blue stool was stolen between 17 August 2020 and 20 August 2020
The wheat was present on 17 August when the domain investor visited the house, yet on 20 august , it had disappeared, and someone had created a mess.
The domain investor is still not able to find out how the trespassers are entering the house.

google goa computer work fraud leads to theft of white ternatea pea seeds from homes in panaji, goa

Usually no one will bother to criminally trespass any house only to rob seeds from plants, especially if they are easily found seeds
However, indicating the EXTREMELY HIGH LEVELS of fraud in panaji, goa, especially in posh areas, some well connected people in panaji, goa are criminally trespassing on the house of the domain investor and robbing the seeds daily
Usually white ternatea peas are forming a lot of seeds, if there are flowers, yet in 2020 not a single seed is visible, though there are plenty of flowers, they are allegedly robbed
The panaji pea seed robbers are duped that the domain investor (not greedy gujju fraud asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees) has no other source of income due to the goa government computer work fraud, with the goa government falsely claiming that raw/cbi employees who are cybercriminals are owning her paypal, bank account

In posh area of panaji, goa people are criminally trespassing only to rob white flower ternatea pea seeds

Seeds of white ternatea pea being stolen repeatedly from terrace of domain investors house in posh area of panaji
Usually white ternatea peas are forming a lot of seeds, the domain investor has plenty of seeds from 2018 and earlier . Yet indicating google,tata’s harassment to cover up their COMPUTER WORK, BANKING FRAUD since 2010 , someone is criminally trespassing on the terrace of her house in panaji, goa and ROBBING all her seeds, after she listed the seeds for sale on Amnazon
Indicating that the CRIMINAL TRESPASSING and seed robbery was intentional, someone from sanquelim, goa placed an order for the seeds which are being ROBBED regularly, so that the domain investor does not find any seeds when she is visiting the area periodically.
There are plenty of flowers which are visible on the plants, yet there are no seeds
The house is in one of the poshest areas in panaji, yet indicating the mindset of the people living in the area, criminal trespassing to rob seeds is taking place daily.

Bean seedlings grown from Nurserylive seeds missing from pots in panaji, goa

Usually after bean seedlings grow their first few leaves , they continue to flourish.
Yet indicating the high levels of intolerance, crime in panaji, goa, a citizen found that the bean seedlings growing in the various pots are missing, they have been systematically stolen by those criminally trespassing the property.
If the birds and animals have removed the bean seedlings, they usually eat only part of the plant.
In this case the seedlings are completely removed from the terrace pots, there is no trace at all.
The citizen had spent a lot of money on seeds from nurserylive, all the seeds are wasted since even seedlings are robbed.

NTRO’s domain ownership fraud blocked advertising on many domains, especially seed related

To justify their FINANCIAL, ICANN FRAUD on a domain investor for ten years, the LIAR ntro employees were ruthless in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING a single woman domain investor, falsely claiming that running the business was so simple, that their call girl, robber, cheater, fraud girlfriends and associates who they got raw/cbi jobs could easily do so, and it was an online casino.

In reality , google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees like slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan were least interested in doing any kind of computer work or investing any money in domains for ten years, yet ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata employees are such great frauds and liars, that they continued with their FINANCIAL FRAUD for more than ten years, without being questioned.
Finally the ntro employees realized that their girlfriends in raw/cbi are least interested in domains, writing or any kind of computer work, so finally the domain investor is getting some advertising for a few domains.

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Most seeds eaten by birds and insects

Planting seeds can be a major waste of time and money, since the insects and birds are very aggressive in eating them. A large number of seeds were sown, yet almost no plants have grown in the last one month.
The seeds are germinating and then the top of the seeds is eaten off, effectively killing it.
A lot of money was spent purchasing these seeds, and now there are almost no plants growing. The insects and pests are only not interested in morning glory seeds.

Morning glory seeds germinate quickly

The domain investor is trying to grow different plants, and in the last few years, she has found that morning glory plants are the easiest to grow.
They will grow very fast during the monsoon, in panaji, goa
Every time it will rain, the seeds are germinating. In contrast no other flower seeds are germinating despite growing many of them

Snails are eating cucumber and other seeds

Due to the lockdown the domain investor tried to grow some seeds in one house she has access to . She found that almost no seeds are germinating.
After carefully checking the area, she found that small snails are eating the seeds
So though she is putting many seeds, not a single seedling has grown in that area.
In another place, where she has access, the germination rate is better, since there are fewer snails, and she is using waste to make the soil.
Many of the seeds are expensive, so all the money is wasted when the snails eat the seeds

Seeds developing white coating and not germinating

The domain investor had planted many seeds,especially bean seeds since they are the easiest to grow. Yet it is observed that some seeds are not growing at all, they develop a white coating and do not germinate at all.
All these seeds are wasted and should be discarded
Any information on why the seeds are not germinating will be greatly appreciated