She Cleans Much Better Than I Do

The only reason I even looked into home cleaning services in Singapore last year is because I was hurt in a skiing accident while on vacation. I had been looking forward to my French ski vacation, but that was only until I broke my leg when I hit a tree. I was able to put off surgery until I came home, and it was just too hard for me to resume my normal activities because of the cast that was then put on my entire leg. I was not comfortable at all, but I did insist on staying at my own condo instead of with a family member or rehab center.

I knew that I could get my own food together, and I would also be able to telecommute for my job. I would need to have some help in the cleaning area though because there was no way I would be able to handle that with the condition that I was in. I thought it would be awkward to have someone come in and clean while I was there, but it was anything but that. The woman who started coming from the very beginning has always been super nice, and we have even shared a meal together now and again.

Beyond her personality, the work that she does is really great too. She is very precise in her cleaning, and my condo has never looked as good as it has since I broke my leg. She does the basic jobs like sweeping and dusting, but she also cleans the furniture every set amount of weeks, shampoos the carpets and cleans the windows on a regular schedule and so much more. That is why she is still cleaning my condo even though I am completely healed from my skiing accident. It is hard to go back to how I used to do it when she does it so much better!