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She Cleans Much Better Than I Do

The only reason I even looked into home cleaning services in Singapore last year is because I was hurt in a skiing accident while on vacation. I had been looking forward to my French ski vacation, but that was only until I broke my leg when I hit a tree. I was able to put off surgery until I came home, and it was just too hard for me to resume my normal activities because of the cast that was then put on my entire leg. I was not comfortable at all, but I did insist on staying at my own condo instead of with a family member or rehab center.

I knew that I could get my own food together, and I would also be able to telecommute for my job. I would need to have some help in the cleaning area though because there was no way I would be able to handle that with the condition that I was in. I thought it would be awkward to have someone come in and clean while I was there, but it was anything but that. Continue reading…

Helping Our Son Understand Physics

The other day my son brought home his report card for the first grading period of the school year. He scored fairly well in all of his classes except for physics. He has been struggling with this class since the beginning of the school year and is in need of physics tuition to help him bring his grade up. My husband and I have both tried to help him to no avail. I’m not exactly sure what the problem is but we need to do what we can to help him. He is a very smart child and I know he can do this with a little bit of outside help.

His father and I have found a physics tutor right here in Singapore that has a proven track record of helping other students raise their grades. Continue reading…