Families keeping their front yard clean are throwing away valuable seeds

The indian intelligence and security agencies are extremely intolerant, and are quick to defame, harass, cheat and exploit citizens who do not keep the front yard of their house immaculately clean. However they fail to realize that india is a democracy, and a person with limited resources, has the right to make the most of whatever little he or she has
While keeping the front yard immaculately clean may be socially appropriate, one of the main disadvantages is that all the seeds which are deposited by the birds, animals and from other sources will also be thrown out.
In May 2018, panaji experienced some showers, and now some of the seeds in the front yard are germinating
It is a major challenge for a person with no professional training and experience, identifying the seedlings which are now growing, and separately the flower, fruit and useful plants from the weeds and other plants.
Though there are some sources of seeds, ensuring that they germinate remains a major challenge for the amateur gardener.