We Have Arrived in New Mexico

It has been a few days since we got here, but we are getting settled in. I flew out here a couple of times and went around looking at places for us to stay. I found this place out in the country. I expected it to be really hot out here, but this city is place is about a mile high in altitude. So far the weather is much like it is at home. Our place is out in the country and I found a place on the web, https://homesecurity911.com/adt/new-mexico/a/albuquerque/ and they are in the process of installing a pretty good security system. I really was not happy with the monthly fee to monitor the system, but that is what makes the thing work really. It is a good quarter of a mile to the next neighbor and they would never hear the alarm going off. It is really simple, if you do not pay them to monitor the system it is really not going to do you much good.

In fact I do not think that a thief would necessarily run away when the alarm went off. I am guessing that it might take up to twenty minutes for the police to arrive here, since a break in is not exactly a high priority for them. They are more worried about the crimes where people are the victim and not ones where someone’s property is taken. Of course I found a place where I could eventually get a horse and maybe a few goats and some chickens. Amy is going to start a garden right off, it is the right time of year to plant and she is really delighted to have a big piece of land where she can grow anything that she wants to grow on it.